1' 915/16"

2' 31/2"



  • Stats (Speed, Power. Skill, Stamina)
  • Type
  • Personality: Courage, Wisdom, Power
  • Abilities: S
  • Special
  • Weight/Height
  • Luck
  • Alignment (HERO/DARK)
  • Weakness: No Swimming (Sonic/Inkling), The Other Ink (Inkling Triad)
  • Status Conditions (Buried, Frozen)
  • Transformations (Super, Fire, Dry)


  • Fire
  • Ability: Stomp


  • Dark


  • Flying-Fairy


  • Electric


Player Interaction

Can either battle or trade when passing(?)/landing on the same space as(?).

In battle your attack is based on, Base Attack + Die Roll + Attack Bonus Cards

Winner player gets two cards from loser

Card maximum?

Invade enemy territory? (3v3, 6v6)

Stars and Coins?

End of Turn Battle

Roll the number shown on a card to catch Pokémon/do something

Card has two values: Power Points (used to get into Indigo League_ and Attack Points (for battle)


Has a Game Master Hand


Event Space

Bowser Revolution

ealing spot

tornado rex

cross bridge in 2 or less turnd or it breaks and you have it face a more punishing route

will the die roll be higher or lower than x

folded layers

build a bridge

shine runners

more or attack, can't do both

if you're on a certain color you get splatted

Warp Pipe

  • Happening Space
  • Set Piece (Axe Trap Door)
  • Board Walking Enemies: Tempura, Tac, Orne
  • Checkpoint
  • Can leave your cards face down as traps


  • Animal Crossing Board with season changing)


  • Minigames: Knock It Off (Based On Character Weight/Dice Numbers?)</span>


  • Super Mushroom (Break Bricks)
  • Love Tester
  • Copyright Strike
  • Warp Star (Move From Any Part of the Stage to another)

Garlic (Speed down, Power Up

  • Maxim Tomatoes
  • Hanafuda Cards
  • Wiimote Strap
  • Chaos Emerald (10 turns to recharge)
  • Fire Flower
  • Hero’s Bow (Fire Arrows)
  • Checkpoint Flag
  • Warp Star
  • Red Tunic
  • One Step Forward & Two-Steps
  • Chaos Control (Allows user to roll dice three times)
  • Ability: Live and Learn
  • Speed Up +3
  • Witch Time -3
  • 1-Up
  • Curse- SMB1 Hit System
  • Wisps
  • Heart Container
  • Negative Zone
  • Eggplant
  • Gatekeeping amiiboard card
  • Natural Born Cheat: Waluigi based. Can make one person show their card
  • Force face down cards to turn up
  • Time Machine: Forces a redo of any action
  • Pick up face down cards
  • Warp Block
  • PokéDoll
  • Roaming Enemies: Orne, Hedlok


Evolution Mechanic: +2 for one evolution, +3 for 2 evolutions

Gen 1

  • Gastly
  • Voltorb: If you come with a certain radius it’ll self-destruct
  • Alakazam: Can teleport anywhere

Gen 2

  • Delibird: Present

Gen 3

  • Groudon: All water in the stage drys
  • Kyogre: All water in the stage increases

Gen 4

  • Manaphy: Body switches all players on two players

Gen 5

  • Chandelure: Slowly steals soul energy
  • Victini: Raises Luck