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You are reading Apallo "Junior" The Hedgehog (2.0), an article which regards Chillverse 2.0 and Chillverse 2.0 ONLY. The article is by Apallo and will be used in the rebooted timeline.

Apallo "Junior" The Hedgehog/ Apallo II
Apallo Jr
Vital statistics
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Age 19
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog with Hybrid Blood
Fur/Feathers/scales Blue
Attire Gray shirt/jeans
Digimon Partner Coronamon
Digivice Red/Orange D-Link
Romantic Interests Crymson the Cat(2.0)
Hobbies Sword Play, Fire Magic, Light Magic. Gaming
Favorite Color Red/w Yellow Parts
Favorite Food Rice, Beef, Shrimp
Favorite Drink
First Appearance
American/English VA John Burgmeier(2012 - Present)
Seiyū (Japanese VA)


Junior the Hedgehog is the first born son of Apallo The Hedgehog.Originaly from an alternate timeline, Junior grew up as a sword fighter. During his teen/young adult years, he has saved the world some times and even expanded the group to combat the forces of evil. he works with Heart the Android Hedgehog and Cloud the Hedgehog in his own business, Solar Flare Hunters Co.  They Were a small Bounty Hunter group but they spent most of the time fighting  Blacklust....a Hedgehog who Lead a Group of Minions to Try to take over the world...  About a month later, Junior and his friends were called to help the other heroes to defend the world from Blacklust's new army, which resulted in the many members of Solar Flare to die in battle leaving only Junior, Heart and Cloud as the three remaining members. It was a long and drawn out war between the heroes, the goverments of the world, and Blacklust but managed to claim victory. But in a twist of fate, Blacklust devised a plan to try and go back into the past to destroy Junior when he was a child. With the world mostly devastated and only a few places that were left untouched by the war, Junior and his friends knew they had to leave the world in the future behind to try and put a stop to Blacklust and his plans for good. Using what was left of the Time Stones. Junior, Heart, and Cloud traveled to where Blacklust choose to dispose of Junior.

After a series of events,Junior managed to defeat the Blacklust clan in the past, and wiped the bad timeline from existance, bcause of this, he and his friend start to fade from existance.Because of their actions, to protect the world, and it's timeline, the Countil of Four  agreed to giving him and his friends the ability to exist in this new timeline. Now being able to live in this timeline, he married Crymson the Cat, a feline that has helped him in his battles and started a family of his own.


Battle ( Start )

  • Im Well Known For a Reason
  • Clown....Get Ready Cloud (Vs. Cloud the Hedgehog)
  • Dad always tought me not to hit Women and Girls..... But I'll Hit you (Vs. Heart the Hedgehog)
  • -Sighs- Come on Pops (Vs Apallo The Hegehog)
  • Blacklust, This time I'll End You. (Vs Blacklust)

Battle ( Win )

  • Aw Come on, i didnt hurt you that bad!
  • Kids this is what happens when you act like a Clown (Vs Cloud The Hedgehog)
  • When She wakes up..Oh Crap..... (Vs. Heart the Hedgehog)
  • The Apple Doesent Fall Far From the Tree As They Say (Vs Apallo The Hedgehog)
  • -huff- -huff- It's Over...(Vs. Blacklust)

Battle ( Lose )

  • Im not up for it i guess
  • Owwwwww! You Win (Vs Cloud TH)
  • -Sighs- I Lost to Heart. Crap (Vs Heart TH)
  • Dammit Dad! (Vs Apallo)
  • I...Failed (Vs Black Lust)

Family, Friends, and Loved Ones


Apallo The Hedgehog ( Father)

Lunas the Hedgehog (Uncle)

Eclipse the Hedgehog (Uncle)

Dana the Hedgefox (Sister)

Hasa the Fox (3rd Step Mother)

Cryshan the Hedgecat (Daughter)

Crystan the Hedgecat (Son)


Heart The Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Cloud the Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Lord Blacklust (Ally)

Byrnette the Cat (Ally)

Sonic and His Friends




Crymson the Cat - After his many adventures with his friends, Junior went to live near his family on the ground below. A few months later, he meets Crymson the Cat, a beautiful Black Cat with amazing pyrokinesis. The two madly fell in love and soon started a family.


Charlie the Chao 


3 Swords and Attacks

Junior can copy an ablity from an enemy after defating it storing a special attack move into his 3 Swords: The Iris Junior's Main Weapon, The Nexus, Junior's Large Buster Sword Type Weapon which he uses for heavy attacks, , and his twin Blades called The Tempest.

Iris Attacks

Dark Wave

Diamond Ice Smash

Rocket Blade

Electro Barrier

Wood Fist

Holy Blast

Assasian's Wind

Nexus Attacks

Heat Quake

Wave Rider

Gravel Blades

Doom Crater

Electric Bomber

Tornadow Slam

Tempest Attacks

Dragon's Chomp

Icicle Parade

Twin Fairy Combo

Quake  Hitter

Thunder Wave

Omega Combo


Kouji Wada- The Biggest Dreamer

Kouji Wada- The Biggest Dreamer

Homework Ga Owaranai (Homework Never Ends) -Instrumental

Homework Ga Owaranai (Homework Never Ends) -Instrumental

Yu Yu Hakusho Ending 1 - The Homework Never Ends

Yu Yu Hakusho Ending 1 - The Homework Never Ends