Falco is one of the main characters of the Star Fox franchise and a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series.


Falco is Chill Superstars' resident zoning character, with moves that can hit opponents from half or full screen on just about any stage. Falco is incredible at punishing players who blindly approach and has the ability to convert any stray hit into a hard knockdown. Despite this, Falco has huge dead zones in his zoning moves. His Blaster, while being a phenomenal full-range move to have, only covers a thin margin of the screen, and of the opponent can easily read the patterns Falco is playing in he can be severely punished, and in a situation like that, he only has a wonky reversal in Thunder Bird and typically must sacrifice meter in order to keep his ground.


  • Strong zoning game
  • Can convert multiple hits into a knockdown
  • Highest jump height in the game


  • Can be punished hard if he misjudges a zoning option
  • Mediocre reversals means getting out of corner perssure is difficult (but not insurmountable) to overcome

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