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CielBomb refers to the romantic pairing between Boombomb the Hedgehog and Ciel Mackenzie Hale.


Boombomb, a CIA agent in possession of an immense source of power; and Ciel, the daughter of OmegaCorp's Supreme Administrator -- moreover, a bio-weapon and complex machine, yet carries all Mobian-like qualities. A display of something more than simply Ciel's usual "caring" side, the two fell deeply in love with each other and vowed to look after one another. They seem to take turns protecting each other, depending on the situation, though Boombomb tends to hold Ciel back in combat situations. However, the bond between the two is so strong, neither of them could possibly do anything to break it. And in this, Ciel found the life she truly desires.

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Appearances Against

  • Obviously can't say "anything including NightBomb", since that is more of a comedic pairing rather than a serious one.


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