Cinnamon the Cat
Cinnamon the Cat
Cinnamon is a Maverick Hunter healer and one of Amy Rose's first two Helperoids






Amy Rose (creator), Roll the Hedgehog ("sister")

Love Interests

Axl the Fox


Helping people, seeing her "family", being with friends, learning new things, etc.


Certain restrictions, failure, seeing her friends hurt, losing lives, harassment, screwing up, etc.

Voice Actor

Caitlynne Medrek

Theme Song

"Jounetsu Setsuna" by Asami Abe

Cinnamon the Cat is one of the first two Helperoids made by Amy Rose to assist in bringing world peace and help the planet in a non-combative sense. She is currently alligned with the Maverick Hunters, serving as one of their main medics. Despite having some experience in nursing and having great healing powers, Cinnamon is still fairly young and therefore the curious and naive one.


Creation and Joining the Hunters

During her multiple pregnancies, Amy Rose thought that robots shouldn't have to fight and decided to go to tech school and get a degree in robotics so that she could create her own line of Reploids that would bring peace without the needs of fighting. With some help from Tails, she created two prototype Helperoids (short for Helper Reploids) named Cinnamon and Roll. The two functioned very well and showed little to no flaws in helping people and not fighting. Amy would continue to make 23 more Helperoids in between her carriages, but Cinnamon and Roll stand out as the most well known.

When the Maverick uprising began, Cinnamon decided she wanted to help out more with the true heroes and decided to enlist with the Maverick Hunters as a medic. Amy initially went against this, not wanting her own creations to be used to hurt anyone, but then-commander Sigma assured her that Cinnamon would be in good hands. For a while, Cinnamon proved to be very useful in healing and helping the wounded.

Love at First Sight

A few months after Sigma's defection and eventual defeat, Cinnamon met a renegade bounty hunter by the name of Axl and instantly fell in love with him. As Axl was on the run from his former group, Red Alert, Cinnamon was asked to look after him. Locking themselves in the storage area, the two conversed about their own lives and times with their respective organizations, and grew to be very close.

However, while the Hunters and Repliforce were engaged in the field with Red Alert, their leader Red hired a special bounty hunter, Clarice, to deliver Axl to him. As he was asleep, Clarice instead chose to neutralize Cinnamon and take her instead, using her as a ransom. X, Zero, and Axl managed to make it to Red just before the base of Red Alert started to self destruct. As Axl and red engaged in battle, the rest evacuated as Axl somehow came out with a few scars, but a new place as a Maverick Hunter, to Cinnamon's delight.

During the Copy-X Incident, Cinnamon had a hand in trying to rebuild the eight Robot Masters manipulated by Gate, but throughout, she showed great concern and worry for Axl. She had great difficulty keeping her emotions in check, not being able to quickly heal him or any others fast enough in fear of losing Axl for good. Following the final battle and Gate's reformation, Cinnamon happily glomped and kissed Axl, thinking he called her hot (although it was really I), which made him faint and officially making them a couple.

Becoming a Real Hunter

During the battle on Giga City, X became increasingly concerned with the well being of I and her Resistance allies, and so sent Cinnamon and Maddie to give them medical support. The pair wound up in the Vanallia Desert and surrounded by Rebellion Army forces. Botos kidnapped Cinnamon and held her captive, while Maddie got separated and pursued by enemy units. As a captive, Botos and Scarface would torture her constantly, with Scarface even threatening to kill Axl and the others at Maverick Hunter HQ. 

After she was saved by I and her forces, Cinnamon did very little than make some repairs to others when necessary until the skirmish with the Rebellion was finished. However, the group was attacked by Colonel Redips' unit, revealing the emergency on Giga City to be a mere ploy for him to obtain Supra-Force Metal. Reaching the Far East HQ, Cinnamon kept herself occupied by healing Freeze Man and his unit, who were battling the Eight Sons of Wily. She also wished to help Blues, but he shoved her aside.

Following the battle and Redips' demise, Cinnamon installed some safety equiptment and small fragments of the Supra-Force Metal left to override her Helperoid programming code and obtain an Iron Maiden battle armor, for her to battle with. When Axl first saw it, he was absolutely dumbfounded, nosebleeding and stuttering as well. Afetr this, Cinnamon became more active in the field, battling Mavericks and doing more than just heal her comrades.


Cinnamon is mainly described a cute and sweet innocent girl. She is also a very cute and naive one as well, not knowing everything tehre is to know and sometimes, allows her curiosity to get the better of her. Cinnamon also treats Marino--someone that tried to kidnap her--as a good friend, thinking that she was actually a good person inside. Since the Supra-Force Metal changed ehr programming, Cinnamon has shown a n evil cute side to her, as well as an adorably cocky side from her change. She sometimes feels she can take on any challenge and help anyone and kill any Maveirck, which many fear will prove to be her undoing. Nontheless, she still cares deeply about her friends, especially her one love, Axl.

Abilities and Powers

In her normal nurse attire, Cinnamon's main and only abilities are health-based, mostly in healing others and recovering their wounds. Up until she used the Supra-Force Metal to alter her programming, she was unable to fight or battle, but could defend herself in some weird ways. 

In her Iron Maiden armor, Cinnamon has an assortment of fighting abilities and tools to her arsenal. Many of her tools and weapons are based on things one would find around their household or backyard, such as a portable vacuum gun (which allows Cinnamon to suck in projectiles, objects, and even some small enemies and fling them back at targets), a garden hose (that shoots high-pressured water), a feather duster missile, a modified blow dryer (that fires normal buster fire, as well as pistol shots like Axl's guns), and even some Chas-induced knives. Cinnamon ahs also been shown to wield some Chaoblade and is training in the arts.




Original Counterpart



  • Cinnamon is Gurahk's very first Mega Man-based character
  • Cinnamon and Axl being in love is based on a Mega Man X fan pairing which Gurahk supports between their Capcom counterparts.
  • Cinnamon uses angel wings to fly around, but she rarely does this. In the original version, the wings were actually part of her hair.