Eternal The Awesome

Eternal: The Best in the World

Eternal The Awesome

This is Eternal. My Fursona. And his Real name is only known by a few people. Eternal is Extremely Cool. He is Great at certain things like Sword wielding, being a good friend and Chaos Powers.(though he doesn't use them).


He's a gray hedgehog with a rounded nose with blonde and black hair, A Black Coat, a purple shirt with yellow lining, gray pants, and Black and white shoes.

Abilities and Moves:

Cosmic Stardust Driver:

Eternal's signature move. He flies up into Space and flies down at Max speed, driving down with a kick from SPACE at maximum impact and speed, causing a huge crater.

Chaos Powers:

Though he hardly uses them,He has the ability to Use Chaos Control, Chaos Torrent and Chaos Spear.

Lightning and Fire:

Eternal has the ability to use the elements Lightning and Fire. He uses them for moves like lightning bolt barrage, Eternal Flame, and combo moves like Electrofire.


Boombomb the Hedgehog:

Though Eternal and Boom have yet to meet, Eternal thinks Boom seems cool from what he's heard.

Zero The Porcupine:

Him and his little brother have a "Brotherly Love" type of thing. Eternal & Zero are Childhood friends. From the Start, he always was cool with the dude and eventually Zero became his best friend until Eternal moved away. Now Zero is friends with Eternal. But isn't best friends with him.

Songs and Stuff!

Shoot to thrill - AC DC (Lyrics)

Shoot to thrill - AC DC (Lyrics)

Eternal's 2nd theme song. Shoot to thrill. As you've seen, Eternal happens to shoot at stuff when he is bored.

Cult of Personality - Living Colour

Cult of Personality - Living Colour

This is Eternal's Main Theme. Cult of Personality is exactly him. He can be a sarcastic dude one minute, A chill dude the next.