Iris the Hedgehog
Iris the Hedgehog
Iris is the Mobian reincarnation of a deceased humanoid Reploid from planet Earth.




Hedgehog-Reploid (formerly Humanoid-Reploid)


Colonel the Hedgehog (brother)

Love Interests

Zero the Hedgehog


Helping out her new home, being with the Hunters, especially Zero, visiting Repliforce, etc.


Fighting, violence, losing those close to her, Layer and anyone who makes a move on Zero, rape, harassment, remembering the horrible things from her past life, etc.

Theme Song

"Makenai Ai ga Kitto Aru" by Yukie Nakama

Iris the Hedgehog is a reincarnated Mobian-Reploid form of a Humanoid-Reploid of teh same name, and was the last of Repliforce to be revived by the Master Emerald's energies. Although she is technically a member of Repliforce, Iris spends more of her time with the Maverick Hunters.


Iris was originally created as a humanoid by Repliforce scientists as half of the perfect fighting machine, with her brother Colonel being the other half. However, due to difficulties merging both these personalities into one Reploid, she and Colonel were split as brother-and-sister reploids. She acted as a major naigator for both Repliforce and teh Maverick Hunters. Her first mission was acting as a navigator to help X and Zero (of her original world) investigate the Erasure Incidents on Laguz Island. Zero felt bad that Iris' first mission was a difficult one and that Colonel would hate him for it.

When Repliforce began a coup after Magma Dragoon secretly betrayed his own army, X and Zero began gathering information on the coup and cut off their support lines. Iris acted as an operator and assistant to Zero during his missions. However, as the conditions worsened, Iris became more and more concerned about her brother's well being. Eventually, news broke to Iris taht Colonel was killed by X and Zero. She then lost her sanity and attacked Zero, using a Control Chip from her brother's remains to transform into a Ride Armor-like boss, but was ultimately defeated and killed.

About two months passed before the souls of Repliforce were discovered by Tikal and Chaos. They realized that they cannot be blamed entirely for becoming Mavericks and that they were merely deceived. Using the Master Emerald's energies, Tikal and Chaos revived all the deceased souls of Repliforce. However, they long forgot about Iris until a few months later, where she was at last brought back. Upon her reincarnation, she was attacked and raped by Alan and his perv gang. But fortunatly, she was rescued by a different Zero who she assumed was the original. When she came to, she was cleared of the misunderstanding and has helped the Maverick Hunters reach peace in a more non-combative manner.


Iris is a pure pacifist, like how X is. She prefers to find non-violent and peaceful ways to solve problems, rather than resorting to warlike tactics. She is easy to get along with when it comes to others of her type, but she overworried about Zero all too much. Iris also has a deep grudge against any girl that tries to flirt with him, in particular Marino.





  • Iris is the first character of Gurahk's and in Chill Sonic Fanon to be a reincarnated version of a deceased character. Colonel and General would follow, as would the rest of Repliforce.
  • Iris wears different clothes than she did in Mega Man X4 due to difficulties in Furry Dollmaker