Isaiah and Shred's Adventures
Created by Mr.Zaya
Written by Mr.Zaya


Directed by Mr.Zaya


Creative director(s) Mr.Zaya


Starring Isaiah and friends
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2 (1 Completed;1 Incompleted)

4 (Planned)

No. of episodes 9 (including one movie and one special) (List of episodes)
Location(s) Mobius
Running time Approx. 22 minutes
Original channel BlurayOriginals Wiki (2011-2013)

Chill Sonic Fanon (2013-)

Rating TV-PG
First shown in 2011
Original run October 1, 2011 – May 27, 2012
Status Scrapped
Followed by Ice & Mr.Speck
Related shows Ice & Mr.Speck

Chaos Quest

Isaiah and Shred's Adventures is a now scrapped series by Mr.Zaya. It was his first original series on BOW. 


The series follows the adventures of two Red Wolf Brothers by the names of Isaiah and Shred. Along the way they meet multiple allies such as


Concept and Creation (2011)

Isaiah and Shred's Adventures was originally a BOW exclusive series created by Mr.Zaya. Originally made to be a spin-off of Chaos Quest the show later grew into its own thing, as Chaos Quest was slowly becoming more and more secluded into its own continuity. The second and chosen concept was to focus on the adventures of two (then) Red Wolf brothers Isaiah and Shred, but later expanded to accomidate the abundance of other characters joining the cast.

Cancellation (2012 - 2013)

Series creator Mr.Zaya began to feel very disatisfied with the quality of the show. Many things he planned didn't go as originally planned, and writer and the user of Ferham Spades, OmegaExalted often took time to reply to the script.  Only 9 episodes were ever finished with the last meaningful edit being December 17, 2012. After Episode 8's hiatus Mr.Zaya looked back into the series as a retrospective which caused him to reboot. As he looked back he claimed "There were crude, unsettling, awkward moments in the show and thus I declared the show to end.". The show's cancellation was truly confirmed once Ice and Spark (a remake of the show) was announced April 19, 2013