"I want to fight like a man, and not like you!!"
—JT, to Falco, during Control
JT the Androhog is an Android-Hedgehog. He was created with a genetic bind of Sonic and Knuckles, but proved too lazy for his creator to use. His creator left the room to find another machine to replace him, but when he returned, he discovered that JT had disappeared, along with a hole in the wall. He is Sonicstar3000's fursona.


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Cquote1 And the winner of best male is... JT the Androhog (Chillverse 1.0)! Cquote2
Whoever the host is

Best Male Trophy AWARD WINNER!

JT the Androhog (Chillverse 1.0) by Sonicstar3000 has won the Chill Sonic Fanon Autumn Awards Autumn award of Best Male.

JT the Androhog
Age N/A
Likes Watchin from afar, Training, Battling, Relaxing
Dislikes Losing, Falco
Possible Voice Actor/Actress Tom Gibis


[1]JT's riders gear==AppearanceEdit== Edit</span>==

Shine : During the beginning of Memory Crisis, Shine (Along with Falco) and JT were enemies. Now that JT is helping them. They are friendly rivals.

Falco : During the beginning of Memory Crisis, Falco (Along with Shine) and JT were enemies. Now that JT is helping them. They are friendly rivals. Falco refers to JT as "PJ" much to JT's annoyance.</p>


  • Shi no fera (Delivers a devastating blow to the opposition)
  • Shi no burasuto (Delivers a devastating blast to the opposition)
  • Shi kyūkyoku (Finisher on a combo of the "Shi" Attacks)
  • JT henkan (Transforms into Punishment)
  • JT dengen wa ageru (Powers up)

In "Punishment" FormEdit

  • Batsu no shi (Attacks the opponent into a combo)
  • Batsu no tsumi (Boosts energy before a kick)
  • Batsu no yami (Blinds the opponent for a short period of time)
  • Batsu bureiku (A quick attack that deals a massive amount of damage)
  • Batsu ga kieru (Teleportation)
  • Batsu no hōkai (A huge blast)
  • Batsu no jōzan (Clones of himself appear and circle the opponent)
  • Batsu kaku (Makes a combo, ends in a huge explosion)
  • Batsu no arumagedon (Ultimate blast, massive pulse afterwards)


  1. Memory Crisis - This was JT's first ever roeplay appearance, in this RP, he was first seen at a rock, when he was spotted by his soon-to-be rival Falco the Eagle. He then joined the heroes and began to gradually become a main character more and more. He then battled against Doom with friends, Fetalia, Shine, James, etc. .
  2. Control - Along with Hero, JT is a main character in the trilogy. He constantly tries to finally defeat Falco, although Falco often flees. A more heroic side to JT was shown.


  • JT Has appeared in the G4E game "LEGACY -BATTLERS" as the main character, however, his appearance had changed slightly.
  • JT seems to have different creators, depending on what RP he has appeared in.
  • In Memory Crisis, Falco refers to JT as "PJ"
  • JT may share traits with Ash Crimson from the King of Fighters Fanchise
    • He may also be similar to #17 from Dragon Ball Z, or Shikimaru Nara from the Naruto franchise.