Marcus the Armadillo
Marcus the Armadillo
Marcus is an easy going country boy that never lies
Vital statistics
Title -
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Armadillo
Fur/Feathers/scales Black (Red Shell)
Attire Red Shorts/Shoes, Blue/Black Gloves, White Socks
Romantic Interests -
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First Appearance -
Appearances -
American/English VA Michael Reisz
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Marcus is a young, generous and honest Armadillo, he was created by Sonicstar3000.


Marcus came from a small town in the countryside and had never really had any friends, when he moved to Station Square, he first attended a class of Sex Ed. In which he was sat next to Clara the Fox.

He didn't see how a relationship would work after a lot of Peer pressure from Holly the Fox. So he let it go.


Marcus is very shy. Often driving girls away, but on the other hand, Marcus is a very giving, generous and honest person.


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Rivals and Enemies

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  • Marcus is one of the four parts of his owner's personality split, Marcus being shyness. (Others being Pride/Intelligence/Hope)
  • SS3K was originally planning him to be a son of Mighty and Amy, but the idea sounded a bit farfetched, so he left him as a Shy, easy-goig country boy.