1. 1.) aipom (2; normal)
  2. 2.) litwick (5; ghost/fire)
  3. 3.) psyduck (1; water)
  4. 4.) fennekin (6; fire)
  5. 5.) torchic (3; fire)
  6. 6.) gligar (2; poison/flying)
  7. 7.) mudkip (3; water/ground)

Pokémon Legends takes place in the Pokémon universe, telling the story of 3/4 young trainers on their journey through the Pokémon world!



Our main protagonists hailing from

  • Kinno "Kin" Shinzo is the upbeat, thrill-seeking one of the group never backing down from a fight, though this can get him into a bit of trouble as he normally let's his pride get ahead of him Kinno also retains his idolization/crush of Flannery. 
  • Grey's starter is god damn Gligar. Similar to Kinno's crush on Flannery, Grey will have one on fellow contest trainer and niece of Wallace, Lisia. For what reason it's currently unknown
  • Taiga he's probably going to be the kind of guy who just takes things slowly bit by bit


  • Wally: An asthmatic below average height child who wants deeply to be champion. He's very withdrawn and shy having no known travelling partner, but fights with a passion that isn't matched (even if he doesn't always end up winning).
  • Laxette: Rival of Grey
  • Brendan Birch (mixture of Brendan and Rald): The stern, always observant and intelligent son of Norman. Being the eldest of the triplets he takes natural lead but gives them plenty of say in matters. While he may seem cold at first deep inside he's very caring of his two brothers and wants their happiness over victory. He absolutely adores Pokémon battles, playing everyone out almost like a chess game in his mind.
  • Orlando Birch: Brandon's slightly scatterbrained brother who loves battle. He acts a bit more juvenile than his peers, but has his heart in the right plays. While he also likes Pokémon contests he believes they're "for girls" and thus tries harder to be a Trainer (which he also enjoys, albeit a bit less)
  • Ruby Birch: In a possible spectrum motif, Ruby is adverse to Brendan and similar to Orlando in that he loves Contests, detesting battles and believing them to be barbaric.
  • Sapphire Haruka: The battle hungry tomboy and rival to Brendan. Originally hailing from Johto-- I'm still on Volume 4 of Adventures so fuck off she's in cause she has a cool outfit.
  • May Haruka: Sapphire's twin sister  who likes contests but isn't boring white bread like her anime counterpart. Once again, vote 5.
  • Max Haruka: May and Sapphire's little brother who wanted to come along but was prevented by their mother. Though he may have some tricks up his sleeve...
  • Marti: A head strong, overly confident trainer who follows his heart and has a heated friendly rivalry with Kinno. his Torchic wise-cracking starter Pokémon that tries to keep him in check.  Vanilla loves pulling pranks and tends to be a bit lazy as well, letting Martis antics play out when he refuses to listen. 
  • Lynis: A young trainer at the age of 9 who managed to get her own Training license and starter Pokémon, a Shiny Charmander, a year early due to her privileged lifestyle and connections to the league through her father's company. Though she does play for the side of good, the stress of keeping up his family's name of being the best causes her to make the wrong decisions. 
  • E.C.


  • Ebony: A shy young girl who strives to be a Pokémon Professor, as well as to become a Pokémon battler (after being inspired to go on a journey by the protagonists encouragement). She harbors a crush on Grey because of said encouragement, but tends to keep her distance from the group out of fear of losing favor. Her starter was a Swablu given to her by her mother
  • Ashleign Judith "Judy"
  • Cecil: A 17 year old Trainer wearing a White Checkered Top Hat who travels with his Braixen companion named Champagne,and twin Espurr, Mint and Frost (Identified by their Pink and Blue ribbons). Cecil is also partaking in the Pokemon League, while at the same time following his dream as a traveling performer, who sometimes bumps into the group from time to time. Because his father has different views on how he and his pokemon should be living, and is often seen being forced to be by his side. Eventually he would become a travel companion to Grey and Co. someday. 


  • Shannon (originally Sharon): Despite her laid back and seemingly amateur behavior this 15 year old is not one to mess with. Hailing from Kanto, her and her Dodrio took that region, as well as Johto by storm, though due to her focus on school as well as other things, she's never been able to challenge the Championship or the Elite Four. This year however, as she takes on the Hoenn League this slacker will get her head in the game and become a formidable foe in the kid's quest to be the new regional champ. She serves as a mentor and person for the group to look up to as well as a direct travelling partner at times and loves to tease Kinno and Grey on their troubles. The girl on the right may be a bit of an older trainer who loves the thrill of battle.
  • Lao: The older, 16 year old brother of Lyn. Dissconnected from his family due to how badly they were raising both him and Lyndis. While on the road, he finds a hidden labratory belonging to a small group of scientist who mistreat Pokémon in order to bring out thier hidden potential. Amongst them was a white furred Riolu that he rescues. Together they get the people behind the labratory arrested and the pokemon freed. Lao is very close to his Riolu whom he has given the name of Tao. Today they travel around with two other Labratory Pokémon, a female Lilligant and a male Growlithe with a scar on his left eye. The times where Lyn comes to battle Grey's crew, Lao comes in to try and reason with her but often fails. His only way to put some sense into her head is to possibly defeat her in the Championship.


Gym Leaders

  • Roxanne
  • Brawly
  • Wattson
  • Flannery
  • Norman
  • Winnoa
  • Tate & Liza
  • Wallace/Juan



Hoenn (Emerging Powers)

  1. Legends Awakened (originally Legends Begin!) will of course remain as the introductory episode of the series. It establishes two goals: to become a Hoenn champion as well as to catch all of Hoenn's Pokémon and fill out the dex. Our protagonist begin their adventure and the context of this universe is established. (Kinno, Grey, Taiga)
  2. Episode helping Ebony become a better professor 
  3. Grey wonders whether to go for Gym Badges or Contest RIbbons and decides with the help of his friends.
  4. Rumble With Roxanne is the first gym battle featuring, of course, Roxanne. The group challenge her at once.
  5. Past Through Petalburg probably was an episode about sight-seeing and learning about Petalburg.
  6. As we all know many breeds of Pokémon have different subspecies with different traits and occasionally, genetic differences! Well today here at (GENERIC NAME HERE) Farm we'll be holding a competition where six lucky winners will be able take home one of the six Pikachu variants from the six regions!
  7. Road to Rustboro! Rumors Arise!: What rumors were arising? How should I know, I didn't write down any notes.
  8. One of Grey's Pokémon gets Pokérus and Kinno tries to get it (not understanding how it works) so he doesn't have to go through the pain of battling Flannery, simply OHKO'ing her. Grey tries to make use of it while his Pokémon has/have it
  9.  after gym 4/5 the group get mega stones from someone 
  10. Episode Delta Arc (An adaptation of the Delta Episode possibly leading into a second season revolving around the Delta Species (dawning the name "The Delta Duels" from the Training Card Game).
  11. Voice Crack National Anthem
  12. Magic Great Ball
  13. Stabalizing Sableye
  14. My Body is Regice
  15. A Mind of Registeel
  16. grey gets a contest rival called laxette who uses snorlax (On the topic of Grey he'll also have a rival contest trainer known only by the alias of "Laxette", a chill girl who enters contests with her Snorlax.)
  17. Big Top Brawl
  18. Kinno, Grey, Taiga and possible others take a break to watch a movie and the episode is about the movie
  19. The Birch Triplets and May's adventures in a forest on their way to a gym
  20. Shannon and Wally temporarily become travel partners as she helps him get ready for a Gym Leader
  21. Max discovering a Pokémon that tries to take him with his siblings.
  22. The origin of Kinno's crush on Flannery gets an episode.
  23. The Shiny Poochyena has been changed to a shiny Ditto and given a follow-up episode later on as shown below.
  24. I also had another battle scenario where someone fights a Poison type who lands a Poison Jab and now the person must attempt to defeat the stalling Poison type before they fall over from Poison. "Stall is Life" is the title and I want to be honored for it.
  25. Akai Adventures: Starbound Crisis 
  26. episode on lanturn ons and lanturn offs

Not Hoenn

  1. Gastly Falls is about a young boy's michevious group of Gastly getting loose and kidnapping the people of some Route/Town, putting them in a dream world where everything is twisted.
  2. Girafarigged: The protagonists visit a Pokémon Safari where they catch a lot of different Pokémon but they're revealed to be made up of mostly Ditto, one turns out to be the shiny from earlier.
  3. The Unown Variable 
  4. Jynxed!
  5. Mareepless in Seattle
  6. What's the Electabuzz
  7. Saved by the Bellossom
  8. The Gloomy Goomy
  9. Hax "R" Us
  10. Take a Chansey
  11. Magikarpe Diem
  12. Machu Pichu
  13. A Mewtwo special where he's finally completed, escapes and goes wild against humanity, just on a much larger scale than in The First Movie.
  14. One about a really tall Exeggutor
  15. Special multi part episode dealing with kidnapped Lappy
  16. Gracias Gracidea! (In Sinnoh, Gracidea Flowers were given as a bouquet since ancient times. Used to show appreciation)
  17. Bait and Chandelure


Country 1

  1. Kanto
  2. Orange Islands
  3. Sevii Islands
  4. Preservation Islands
  5. Johto
  6. Hoenn
  7. Sinnoh
  1. Unova
  2. Alola
  1. Kalos
  2. Orre
  3. Ferrum
  4. Holon
  5. Our Own Original Region!


By Discovery

  1. Bulbasaur 
  2. Rhydon
  3. Kangaskhan
  4. Clefairy 
  5. Spearow 
  6. Voltorb
  7. Mimikyu
  8. Trubbish

Legendary Pokémon

Documented/Confirmed with Location Known

Documented with location unknown


  • Mew
  • Celebi
  • Jirachi 
  • Deoxys 
  • Manaphy
  • Phione
  • Darkrai
  • Shaymin
  • Arceus
  • Victini
  • Keldeo
  • Meloetta
  • Genesect
  • Diancie
  • Hoopa
  • Volcanion
  • Magearna

Fan Pokémon

Extinct Species

Based on Scrapped Pokémon


  • Termight
  • Terminite
  • Terminitr 
  • Flameingo
  • Sawdbil Grass
  • Woodleaf Grass Flying
  • Barkpecker Grass Flying
  • Frairie Fire
  • Inyoterno Fire Steel
  • Coyotepid Fire Steel
  • Tidolph Water Fairy
  • Dolsea Water Fairy
  • Tyrantula
  • Tarantula Hawk
  • Multeeple 
  • Multeeply 
  • Dynopyre (Fire/Flying)

Evolutions to Canon Mon

  • Delemperor (Delibird)
  • Glunko (Muk)
  • Slognar (Muk)
  • Clampet (Clamperl)
  • Shellster (Shellster)
  • Dunoko (Dunsparce)
  • Lappy (Lapras)
  • Gaocario (Riolu)
  • Speardra (Seadra)

Mega Evolutions

  • Gliscor
  • Darkrai
  • Cresselia
  • Ambipom
  • Flygon
  • Roserade
  • Infernape
  • Delphox
  • Honchkrow
  • Lilligant
  • Slowking


  • change up hoenn ideas
    • feel like there should be some new gyms in different towns, or have some older gyms have new **gym leaders (be that new characters or old ones that have Graduated or whatever)
    • as well as like
    • some being the same
    • because like
    • if it was an all new league
    • there'd be no point having it be hoenn
    • so like
    • roxanne would still be the gym leader of rustboro
    • but like
    • the dewford leader
    • might be like
    • one of the gym trainers from rse
    • but Graduated
    • another example: juan as the sootopolis leader but like
    • an entirely new leader in an entirely new city
    • replaces an older one
    • like the fortree gym maybe
  • The series still begins in Hoenn
  • More than three trainers will also be picking up Pokémon, to give a more realistic feel, as if more than three 10 year old kids live in the town.
  • The trainers can either pick between Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip OR enter a no-backsies raffle where they have a small chance of getting Kecleon/Castform (a normal type Hoenn counterpart of Kanto's Eevee) or Plusle/Minun/Electrike (an electric type Hoenn counterpart of Kanto's Pikachu (relocated into Pichu) ).
  • Multiple people can challenge the same gym at once to avoid having to do the same gym multiple times due to having a party of more than one.
  • One episode should only begin with the crew watching a movie before being interrupted
  • Not just characters like gym leaders and possibly Ash/game protagonists but also strategies/ from the game and anime taking Abilities, Stats and the like into the freeroaming non-turn based elements of the anime. One example is Greninja is in a 3/3v3/3 Double battle and uses Protean to try and OHKO a mon but was actually baited into the type disadbange and has to take his time to use Protean to switch his type back to Water/Dark and/or the advantage. Pokémon would be able to retain more than 4 moves though possibly in a nod to the games in tournaments/Gym Battles competitors are limited to 4 moves. Withdrawing Pokémon would also be a bit more challenging as they have to make it back across a line where their trainer is. For example:
  • Scientists who believe Ditto is a result of a legendary experiment are ridiculed.
  • Every year hundreds of thousands of trainers leave home at the beginning of their last elementary/primary school summer (age 10/11) to begin their Pokémon journey where they attempt to beat the eight gym leaders and go to the league (which is a tournament when a lot of people join the league). A the start of our journey the kids get three choices once they make it nice and early down to their town professor's lab: choose between three of the elemental starters (in our case, Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip), take a risk and randomly choose between the three Pokémon as well as a special unique one (in Kanto's case: Eevee, Hoenn's Kecleon) or they can simply take a level five Pokémon given by a parent. Once on their journey while making new friends, rivals and beating gyms it helps them discover who/what they want to be. They can continue their studies from their while ignoring excess shit they don't need but America would force them to learn anyway.
  • As more is learned about the Pokémon lore in general more things will be added. One such thing is Pokémon Rarity Ranks from The Electric Tale of Pikachu which as the name implies, shows the rarities of Pokémon from the ranks of E- Extremely Common, D- Rather Common, C- Regular, B- Rather Rare, A- Extremely Rare (and later S- Legendary).
  • Ditto's real name is "Metamon", a portmantaeu of "Metamorphosis" and "Monster". However when he leaked, he earned the name Ditto.
  • but i had this funny little idea where bulbasaur is still regarded as #001 but upon further research some scientists begin to believe rhydon came first
  • You get one free ride from Region to Region if you become champ or get all the badges.
  • Names: Rising Rivals and Call of Legends

In-Universe Media

  • The Crafty Scrafty (Children's Book) 
  • Dearly Deerling (Pre-Teen Sitcom/Drama)
  • Mucha Hawlucha (Wrestling)
  • Art Hour with Silvy and Silv - An art show with a girl named Silvy and her unique silver colored Sylveon. (Art Show)
  • Pikachu's Playhouse (Early Educational Show)
  • Ledian the Tramp (Comic Strip)
  • I'll Er-Raticate You (Episode)
  • Don't Furret! (Episode)
  • A Cleffahanger Part 1 (Movie)
  • A Cleffahanger Part 2 (Movie)
  • Honey Combee (Cereal)
  • Samurott Jack (Animted Series)
  • The Legend of Zoroark (Video Game)
  • All A Big Musharna Understanding (Episode)
  • A Maractus Recovery (Book)
  • My Little Ponyta (Franchise)
  • One More Chansey At Love (Movie)
  • Ignorance is Blissey (Movie; sequel to OMCAL)
  • Wynaut Father? (Dramatic Young Adult Novel)
  • Happiny Meal from Maracdonalds) (Restaraunt)
  • Burger Kingler (Restaraunt) 
  • Taco Bellsprout
  • TM Stop
  • (Super Sentai Based Series) Megapokiinger
  • MegaMachop (Video Game)
  • The O-MEGA Factor: A secret world filled with Humans with the ability to morph into Pokemon Hybrids (Different from Re:Burst) brings itselt to light as a war between the military and this new forgotten race of human-pokemon hybrids begins, as a small group of both Hyrbids and Humans search for the secrets behind the Hybrid-Race and it's O-MEGA Factor (TV Serties that Concludes in a Movie)
  • Akai Adventures: Starbound Crisis (movie): A huge otherworldy threat is approaching the planet and they begin their attack on the world! Isamu "Red" Akai, his Blockhead Clefairy and the rest of his team must work together with a strange creature of the Starbound Race if they want to have any hope in beating back the alien menace (Isamu stands in front of an army at one point)
  • The Nineteenth Type (tv SERIES):
  • Luvdisc is Blissey (TV Series seuel to Love is Blissey)
  • Mt. Moon
  • Mt. Moon: New Munna
  • Mt. Moon: Volcarona Eclipse
  • Mt. Moon: Majestic Dawn
  • Lanturn-Ons and Lanturn-Offs (Book)

Pokémon Forms

  • Level X 
  • Level EX (Hyper Training)
  • Delta Species
  • Dark/Light Pokémon
  • Primal Reversion
  • Mega Evolution
  • Synergy 
  • Shadow
  • -porygon and porygon2 are electric-normal, porygon-z comes in 3 forms
  • >corrupted (first form; electric-dark to reflect its more erraric behavior)
  • >malware/viral (the first porygon-z patch: created by our original villain team to be a technological disease' and attack the world on both fronts: virtual and real; electric-poison (villain team possibly the first ones to crack porygon's copy protection?))
  • >secure/savior/vaccine: (united region's attempt to destroy porygon-z viral; one track minded and hellbent on destroying the enemy and protecting the people; electric-fire; 0x weakness to dark; ability 'firewall' protects it and its teammates from status moves or stat nerfs (subject to change))
  • -porygon3- (legendary?) after sending a porygon-z (or porygon2) to an alien dimension/space, it came back as porygon3
  • -the evil org experimenting on the delta species created delta camerupt; the second fire-water based upon underwater volcanos. painful experiments have been done to allow this pokemon to breath underwater. as such it's a pretty miserable pokémon
  • -electric-fighting pokémon: samurai cloud with a lightning bolt blade and ponytail; sort've parallel to farow't?
  • -farfetch'd in legends serves as a sort've jigglypuff; follows group for a while trying to get back his stick from one of them: gets caught and a bit later on when the squad is adventuring with some sort've professor farfetch'd ends up fighting the cloud samurai and they discover that farfetch'd has a long lost evolution based upon a strong desire to protect a single someone not of their species (like a, hahaa, knight to a queen). this desire was evolutionarily phased out due to it and its stick being overpoached and hunted by humans, resulting in the pokémon becoming reclusive to its own species. this of course was ironically countetintuitive as farfetch'd is a fairly weak and delicious pokémon and with no farow't around to serve as a medium, the mon of the kanto region began to body farfetch'd and push it closer to being endangered
  • -our original evil team has sects/branches dedicated to different things: example, a general branch that functions more like traditional team, the cyber division that creates porygon-z viral etc. because the org is so big they have a lot of 'directors' which serve as the head of the admins in any given division. the true boss is unknown, and no, his name is not giovolo
  • farow's ability is justified


  • Side characters possibly travelling with them for a few eps and also side chars not becoming irrelevant 
  •  like one-time chars are fine but sometimes it'd be cool to have some be recurring
  • Pokémon Training is a summer thing
  • Singing Villainess
  • Multi-Color/Type Ginyu Force-likeTrainers

Beta Content


  • Legends Awakened
  • Delta Duels 
  • Ferrum Fighters


Scrapped Content

  • Using game ideas so we don't need the canon protags to exist
  • The Heartless Trainer!: Once again, no notes so no idea. Write down notes kids. Probably had to do with the generic archetype of a trainer is a totally jerk to his Pokémon, he abandons it, the protagonists get it and decimate him right then and there/down the road.
  • Aqua Ring Around the Roserade
  • Pocket Monsters Full of Poison
  • Sacred Ash, Kanto Ash, We All Fall Down
  • No regions added after Kalos will be canon. This means we have Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh and possibly the Orange Islands will be the only canon locations
  • How I Metamon You Mother
  • Absolute Trubbish
  • Shiny Showdown in one of the earliest episodes of the series the group compete for a Shiny Pokémon, a Ditto/After a shiny Ditto appears the protagonists fight over who gets to catch it.
  • The series will continue to be hosted on my wiki.

tungtyd has a ridiculously long tongue it uses to defend itself

and stands on all fours

when it ties its tongue up

it can shoot water at bullet speed through the wholes in the knot

because it's tongue is so long it's sense of taste is 10x stronger than man's

and it can often be seen indulging itself on berries

water normal


porygon's yellow entry

porygon was the first artificial mon (20~ years old) until golett was discovered

porygon2 is sentient, porygon is automated

porygon-z is inhumane?

sinnohan weezing (emits nitrogen gas)