Raphael and Mordecai:Just Misadventures is Mr.Zaya's latest fanfic as of April 2012, and the first fanfic published on the CSFW. It is about two best friends-a 12-year-old margay named Mordecai and a 15-year-old Raptor (Falcon) Named Raphael (Whose real name is Raffaello-Sanzio, a name of an Italian artist). The two usually go on adventures, and along the way, the two encounter a problem cutting them off, and find a way to fix it.

List Of Characters

Mordecai The Margay

The Main Protagonist. Mordecai is the youngest one out of the two, but Mordecai is always looking out for potential danger to him and his friends. He is very coordinated and cannot be easily angered. He is very strategic.His name means warrior, which his parents expected him to be one day (Season 1 character)

Raphael The Falcon

The deutergonist. Raphaello-Sanzio, or as how everyone he knows calls him, Raphael is the battle-hardened one, who never lets his enemies off easily, and especially not without a fight. Usually Raphael is modest, but at times when he's agitated or hyped up, he can be very arrogant and wastes his energy.(Season 1 character)

Boan The Velociraptor

Boan The Velociraptor (Litterally meaning a speedy killer), is a fast and powerful. Chronologically, he is 65,000,000 years old but physically 14. He was revived from bones after Raphael and Mordecai found them far out in the desert. (Season 2 character)

Jonathan The (Elephant) Shrew

The cousin of Brent and Jenny the (Elephant) Shrews. Jonathan is normally playing around with Mordecai and Raphael, and is usually a help to their quests.


All the character's names have meanings, except for Boan.

Altough Brent and Jenny are known as the cousins of Jonathan, they never made an appearance (in other than a flashback).