This is a private Roleplay between Boombomb, OmegaExalted, BlurayOriginals, and EcruosofCharisma. It will be written as a story, since script-style RPing isn't serious enough. Any unauthorized edits will be thrown into a pit of LEGOs. If you wish to join please consult Boombomb or OmegaExalted.


It is 2023. Mobius has achieved a period of momentary peace, yet society still grows restless. Boombomb and Ciel are now husband and wife, and the latter is on her way to giving birth to their first child, Noel. Things are as they should be, and the two eagerly look forward to seeing their new daughter. As they wait, however, a chain of events has occurred across the timeline, triggering a future that was never meant to happen. The peace will be broken... and not all will survive. The battle for the future has begun.



Roleplay will begin whenever we're all ready.


  • Yes, I'm still calling it Mobius. Problem?