Sal the Echidna
Sal is a busty but friendly and confident echidna loved by Reggie






Competent use of bow staff and can hold her own, though she isn't much of a fighter

Love Interests

Reggie the Bat


Reggie, shopping, sweet things, going out


Insecurity, rude people, being bullied or stereotyped, bugs

Voice Actress

Morgan Berry

Sal the Echidna is a very sweet, street-savvy person that is the love interest and later girlfriend of Reggie the Bat. While a bit of an airhead and not too strong, she stands by her friends when they need her support. Sal is a beautiful young woman that motivates Reggie, but she doesn't seem aware how gorgeous and sexy she really is.


Sal is a navy blue echidna with a dark face and hot pink eyes, with wavy down "hair" and a twin hair strings from her forehead. She has a very fit body with gawking chest and is in fairly good shape. Her typical attire consists of a yellow dress with a zipper for the top half, barely covering her waist, but doesn't go down to cover her yellow panties. She also has white gloves with golden bracelets and yellow high boots.


Sal is a bubbly person with quite the personality one can love. Hoiwever, she is also a bit of an airhead. While she is definately street smart and intuitive, she is not exactly book smart and isn't an on-the-spot thinker. She seems oblivious to certain things, such as her rather volumptuous body and complex situations. Sal has problems with self-control, as well, as noted when she goes shopping and gets very carried away. Thus she tends to keep her problems to herself unless shoved in. However, she isn't outright stupid and is able to understand other peoples emotions, like Reggie's affections for her.

While not a fighter per say, Sal is able to hold her own fairly well in a fight, and can use a bow staff to defend herself if the situation arises for it.


Sal was from Manchester City before she moved to Station Square. She felt uncomfortable in the larger city, so wanted to be in a city that isn't as large but isn't as dull either. She enrolled in Dreamcast High School and eventually met many of her new friends on a school cruise. Among the new ones that caught her attention was Reggie, who was known to be a nervous wreck. Sal thought there was a sort of charm to him because he was different than any other boy she met. Eventually, she became a bit more into him, and at the same time, Reggie strived to win over her affections as well.  As time passed, Sal became obsessed with her new surroundings and began spending more time with her new allies. She would mostly serve as a support for their adventures and escapades, only oiccasionally getting directly involved in their affairs. Sal would learn about Reggie's abusive past from his mother and grew to sympathize with him. On a special Christmas vacation, the two finally hooked up and had their first official kiss under the mistletoe.





  • Sal's breast size remains undisclosed because it makes her feel uncomfortable talking about them.