Spider the Hedgehog
Spider the Hedgehog
Spider is a bounty hunter that rivals the Maverick Hunter X






Incredibly fast and strong; uses sharp explosive playing cards as weapons

Love Interests



Lots of Zenny & Rings, doing his job, fighting the Maverick Hunters (particuarly X), kicking ass, etc.


Failure, cheap work, small-time jobs, being told what to do, stupid card games, etc.

Spider the Hedgehog is a bounty hunter reploid that often finds himself in the midst of a situation involving the Maverick Hunters, especially his own rival X. He is a strong hunter taht likes gambling and uses special type of playing cards as his weapons.


Spider was once partners with Squid Adler, back when he had began vounty hunting. The two were on a mission to infiltrate G.U.N. headquarters to gather some data. However, since Spider lacked experience at the time, he accidentally took a risk that got them caught. Spider was able to escape, but Adler was caught in the midst of it, and Spider had presumed him to be dead.

Months after this, he had become a well known bounty hunter reploid. However, his services were hard to find, as he normally finds bounties on his own and almost no on has been able to track his location. X fist encountered Spider during the Red Alert conflict. After doing teh final blow on Vanishing Gungaroo, Spider appeared and fought X, in an attempt to turn him into one of his adversaries. The bout went to a draw when Repliforce soldiers appeared to take him in, but Spider escaped.

X and Spider would meet once again during the seige on Red Alert's base. This time, he was personally hired by Red, Red Alert's leader, to get rid of any Maverick Hunters that got in the way. Spider was getting the early advantage on X, but then he was surprised to see Adler still alive and coming to help X out. Spider hastily yet reluctantly backed off, swearing to be back for X sometime.


Spider is a very mysterious one, taht just randomly appears out of nowhere to take out his pray or meet his clients. He is known to be a bit stubborn, never wanting to do things for small costs or do stupid jobs either, as he is a Bounty Hunter and not a laborer. Although he is major rivals with X, Spider occasionally helps him out, depending on the situation.




  • Spider is based off teh character of the same name from Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Although he is really a hedgehog and not an actually spider, his name is actually derived from a card game called Spider Solitare.