Yup, thats right I'm making a comic for Mark the Hedgehog.The comic is meant for laughs as well as serving the purpose of introducing the characters I have in the moment and the characters that I have in planning.If you want just request me to add your character in an issue or special(If I announce one).Cameos are also excepted so if you want the character to have a background appearence than yes feel free to ask.
Sketch of the Mark The Hedgehog Comic Issue 1 Cover

Cover of Mark the Hedgehog Issue One.

Issue 1


Mark the Hedgehog is off on his adventure when he looks over at a town.Screaming people are running away from the Evil Dr.Eggman/Robotnik, Mark decides he'll take action and save the town.When he gets there Dr.Eggman mistakes him for the Fastest Hedgehog in The World, Sonic.Mark manages to hit Eggman a few times but gets caught in Dr.Eggman's vehicle.Rusty walks by when he hears the screams of the town.As odd as it is, Mark and Rusty were both starting their journeys and were willing to take down any foe who came in the way.So once Rusty saw Mark he jumped to the rescue and damaged the machine releasing Mark and sending Eggman Far away.After the two instantly become partners as well as friends and Rusty introduces Mark to his little sister Kantia.Kantia upon meeting Mark is glad to see that he met Rusty and how he helped Mark escape Dr.Eggman.